13th march 2019

hi. its been a while. im mostly breaking the silence to talk about whats going with districts, but i guess ill go over some other stuff a little too.

after a wild few months and some fallouts with friends i am no longer part of somnolescent, a group youve probably heard of on neocities many times. i have nothing to do with them anymore and i dont want anything to do with them anymore. ive made my stance clear. some of you may have seen me and capy fight somewhat in miacities, but i generally wish no harm. i just wanna let go and move on, they can do their shit, ill do mine.

as such, im not gonna get (any more) people on neocities involved in this, and im not going to bitch about any of them here. its pointless, and i think its just best left to ourselves. for once in my goddamn life i am not looking to fight. both i and them have better things to do.

as for districts, well

districts has been taken control of by me and cheren. everyone in somnolescent themselves was pretty much done with districts, as far as i remember it was marked as a finished project in the server and shit like that.

a few days after being kicked from somnolescent i was scrolling through dms all bitter and came across a screenshot mariteaux sent me once.

(censored most of it because you know, im not gonna throw these twos business around, but.. proof. also yes i have changed the password since)

i have no idea if he meant to censor the password or not. i dont think i ever pointed it out to him either.

i was curious, so i decided to see if the password still worked. it did. id actually logged in once before when i first saw it just because, well, curiosity again, but i never did anything, just looked around the folders.

you know how bitterness is, i was mad and honestly, i wanted to destroy the site, to delete it, to fuck with it, something like that. i told cheren i had the password and said i could ruin it and that it would be really funny but then he gave me an idea.

somnolescent were done with it anyway, why kill off a resource the people on neocities actually like and use when we could just keep it going ourselves?

i admittedly always wished id taken more part in it and cheren was very fond of seeking and finding new sites. and really, cheren was the only one of us left who actually liked neocities. and well, its a bit more mature than oh lets burn everything. so i decided, ok. lets do it.

so i changed the email (thanks kyle for making the system so that it seems only the new address gets an email about changing that instead of the old one, really helped me out) and then the password.

this was all early february, the 15th to be exact. it was a while ago. ive had the districts account since then but ive had more important shit to deal with like moving home and replacing computers among other stuff.

for now we're only doing a listings update but at some point i plan to rebuild and redesign the whole site, take off all the stuff of seb and somnolescent and rewrite a bunch of the stuff on it. we dont own seb after all, and districts is no longer a somnolescent project, i just cant be assed for now. so bigger updates will be coming in future. get hype for that

and thats it i guess? i dont want to involve people in my bullshit, i just wanted it out there and explained that i never like, hacked districts or anything. and that yknow, i do have good intentions with it. i kinda miss having a site but well i dont plan on coming back to neocities and never have ever since i left it, but i also dont feel like forking out the money for hosting rn so lol. maybe someday youll see me out there. maybe not.

but for now, youll find me working on districts with cheren as new co-project lead. stan loona everyone.

- neo